Thank you for sending us your news. We have included a report AND/OR photo of the project in the March update of the Knights in Action web page, posted at The report will appear online only; it will be visible on the Knights in Action homepage for approximately on month, after which time it will be available in the Knights in Action online archive for approximately three years. The web page offers the fullest, most current view of how geographically diverse K of C units serve their communities on a local level.

The volume of reports we receive is far greater than can fit in the limited “Knights in Action” section of Columbia. Because of this, the staff works to bring the wide array of projects by Knights to light on the web page, where they can serve as information resource and inspiration to other K of C members as well as readers who may not belong to the Order. For anyone seeking to learn more about the Knights, the reports collected online display the wonderful variety of good works performed by Knights across the globe.

We look forward to receiving additional reports future charitable activities, which we will consider for inclusion in both the print and electronic editions of “Knights in Action.” Thanks again.

Best wishes,

Anna Bninski
Associate Editor, Columbia