Renewed by the promises and blessings of Jesus Christ during Easter, we now head into spring



RE: Training and Leadership Bulletin


Dear Worthy State Council Officers, District Deputies and Grand Knights,

I hope each of you, and your combined families, had a very blessed and holy Easter. Renewed by the promises and blessings of Jesus Christ during Easter, we now head into spring. Let the natural growth which accompanies this season inspire you to continue to help grow our Order in your Council, your District and in our State.   

I ask you to reflect on the following: “Every morning when you wake up and finish “Making Your Bed”, please know you now have one more day in our fraternal year to make a difference in the life of a Catholic gentleman and his family.  Don’t waste today because you know not what tomorrow will bring! 

Steven Covey also reminds us, “There are three constants in life…. Change, Choice and Principals.  As Knights of Columbus leaders, I ask you to take hold of these three constants with all your heart and use them to improve your life and our Order. Where “change” is needed, make it. If you have to make a new “choice” don’t wait - make it! Finally, keep the “principals” of our Order at the forefront of your leadership and decisions and you’ll do the right thing.

In the coming months as you perform your leadership duties, keep the following in mind especially when addressing our members:

·       Did your council identify and schedule interviews of all the RCIA candidates who became Catholics in good standing during the Easter Vigil?

·       Schedule a rosary for your members and potential K of C candidates and their families.

·       Coordinate with the Parish Office and identify all the new families who joined your parish in the past six months. Plan a council “open house” and welcome them into your parish and introduce them to the Knights of Columbus.

·       Talk with your council membership director and formulate a plan to identify and meet with all Hispanic families and other ethnic families in your parish community. I know this may not be easy, but nothing worthwhile in life is!  

·       Review your council membership roster and identify those brothers who have been away from Council Meetings and Functions. Invite them to come back.

·       Have you scheduled a meeting with your pastor to discuss Knights of Columbus business? Easter is over and he may now have the time to talk over recruiting and retention issues with you. Also, don’t forget to ask Father how you can help him.

·       Schedule admission degrees in April, May and June. Don’t wait!

·       District Deputies and Grand Knights should evaluate each councils progress for making Star Council Award.

·       Don’t forget the 2018 Georgia State Convention in Savannah next month (May 18-20) in Savannah, GA. 


Does your District or Council need training support? Let me know how I can help.

All Knights Leaders should know that you can obtain very valuable training and leadership guidance at the Supreme Web Site located at: in the “For Members” section. Go to the “Resources” tab where you can find digital versions of officers’ handbooks, forms, videos, resources on planning council meetings, recruiting and retention tips and much, much more.



Wally Marchant, FDD, PGK

Georgia State Training Committee Chairman