Contest Guidelines and Time Tables


Each year the Knights of Columbus holds a youth essay contest.  However, due to a change in scheduling this year at Supreme, two essay contests were actually completed in 2018.  The contest is open to all Catholic students in grades 8-12, with each grade level being judged on its own.  Thus, there are normally five First-Place winners and five Second Place winners in each state.  The theme for the contest ending in December 2018 was"  "How does your family keep its Catholic Faith in Action?".  The following are the winners in the judging conducted by the Georgia State Council; the five first-place essays have been sent to Supreme for the International judging to be conducted in early 2019.  Certificates and gift cards were sent to the appropriate District Deputies for presentation to the winners.

8th Grade:       First Place:       Anna Marie Shinholster  – Council #4599  (District 12)

                       Second Place:   Holly Diaz - Council #6514  (District 8)


9th Grade:      First Place:       Aiden Tranovich – Council #6514    (District 8)

                       Second Place:   Vicente Imery – Council #6514  (District 8)


10th Grade:    First Place:       Neelie Perno – Council #6514  (District 8)

                       Second Place:   Hayden Forche’ - Council #6514  (District 8)  (Won First

                                                                               Place when in the 9th Grade)                                         

11th Grade:     First Place:      Griffin Meyer – Council #6514  (District 8)

                        Second Place:  Johann Lopez - Council #6514  (District 8)


12th Grade:     First Place:      William Newbury – Council #6514  (District 8)  (Was First place when in the 11th Grade)


                         Second Place:  Omeka Bhatia – Council #6514  (District 8)


These are the winners of the annual Keep Christ in Christmas Poster contest:


Ages 5-7:

           First:  Ava Green - Council 14439  (District 1)

        Second:  Sophie Rodriguez – Council 12942  (District 16)


Ages 8-11:

           First:  Airo Ranera – Council 14439  (District 1)

        Second:  Michael Madda – Council 12942  (District 16)


Ages 12-14:

           First Place Tie:  Kimberly Ramirez – Council 16534  (District 18)


           First Place Tie:  Jean Marie Herbert – Council 12942  (District 16)


Dick Hayden, FDD

Georgia State Council Essay/Poster Chairman

2017-2018 EssayPoster Contests


Youth Poster and Essay Contests 2017-2018 Results

- Richard Hayden, FDD – State Poster/Essay Contest Chairman


During the period of March-April 2018, three youth poster and essay contests were judged.  First Place winning entries from each of the contests were submitted from the Georgia State Council to the Supreme Council for International judging.  The state winners in each contest are as follows:


Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest:


Ages 5-7:        First Place:  Isabella Jobe, sponsored by Council 14439

                   Second Place:  Cecilia Monti – Council 13440


Ages 8-11:       First Place:  Lorenzo Morissette – Council 13440

                   Second Place:  Madeline Folland – Council 14439


Ages 12-14:     First Place:  Thomas Jobe – Council 14439

                   Second Place:   Nicholas Brodowski – Council 8972



“Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster Contest winner Nicholas Brodowski


The Catholic Citizenship Youth Essay Contest this year featured a completely new topic.  “Going to the Peripheries” began with a quotation from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, and then required each contestant to (1) discuss the role of the Catholic Church going to the peripheries, and (2) then describe either the work of a widely known current or historical Catholic who went to the periphery, or the work of one person in the writer’s life who helps alleviate human suffering.  First and Second Place winners were:


8th Grade:         First Place:  Avery Aschwege, sponsored by Council 4599

                    Second Place:  Luke Burris – Council 14773


9th Grade:          First Place:  Hayden Forche’ – Council 6514


10th Grade:        First Place:  Shelby Burris – Council 14773

                     Second Place:  Reagan O’Connor – Council 6514


11th Grade:        First Place:  Will Newbury – Council 6514

                      Second Place:  Zoe Karpowich-White – Council 8495


12th Grade:         First Place:  Michael Wieczorek – Council 6514


The Substance Abuse Poster Contest featured posters dealing with either alcohol or substance abuse.  The First Place winners were:


Age 8-11 Division:    Alcohol Awareness:  Madeline Folland – Council 14439

                                 Drug Awareness:     Celie Wannink – Council 14439


Age 12-14 Division:  Drug Awareness:     Lilli Vannote – Council 14439


In both the poster and the essay contests, the winners were presented with certificates and gift cards courtesy of the Georgia State Council.