Brother Knights,

We have what feels like only just begun and have already reached the end of the 1st quarter of the new fraternal year. We have hit this new year running and have already complete many events at the local and the state levels. I have tried to attend as many local events as time permits and have really enjoyed getting to better understand your needs as well as meeting my many fellow brothers here in the great State of Georgia.

We have completed the Council Leadership meetings in Macon and Marietta with great success. 

As all of us are aware, the focus of the Knights is shifting to the domestic church by aligning council programs with parish programs that will draw younger members into our ranks. Our council leaders should be well on their way to their goals to help their parishes with programs that will inspire their parish brothers to be a part of  their councils and move ever closer to the Star award that they should be striving to achieve.

One of the biggest challenges we face is keeping our new members involved as well as getting brothers active who have not been active for a while. When you see a brother in church who hasn't been to a meeting in awhile, say hello and let them know when the next meeting is. When a Brother comes to a dinner or a event, take the initiative and reach out to them. Show our brothers we need them and want them to be apart of our efforts.


We are all in a unique position to show our church families what the Georgia Knights are capable of doing for them as well as the Order.


                                                                     "Be the Prayer that Changes the World.”



Vivat Jesus,


       Mark Corrigan
       State Deputy