Georgia State Council
             Online membership Roll out announcement

Worthy district deputies and grand Knights,

     This past Monday, January 29, 2018, the state of Georgia rolled out the online membership program along with the state of North Carolina and South Carolina. We are fortunate to be included in this pilot program, with the opportunity to fine-tune it, and submit our comments and suggestions. 

     As of this writing, we have had one online member join this week, who has indicated that he would like to be a member of the council.

     On the district and council levels, we are being asked to promote this new program to ensure its success. Obviously, our first choice would be to recruit the old-fashioned way, face-to-face, and welcome the gentleman directly into our council. We can use this tool as an option for the gentleman who does not feel he is ready to commit at the present time, but would like to be involved in the Knights of Columbus in a more limited form. This will also put the potential member “into the pipeline”. He will have access to our insurance program, as well as our business meetings and events, which can only help inspire him to become a full third degree member. In my opinion, if the gentleman is willing to come to meetings and attend events, it should be a no-brainer to conduct an Admissions degree as soon as possible.

   Below you will find three PDF files that can help you in your promotion. One describes the online membership program, and answers a lot of commonly asked questions. Another contains a bulletin announcement, and the third is a pulpit announcement. Please consider using these to get the word out.

I will conclude by saying that when I was first approached by our Worthy State Deputy to help facilitate this program, I had some serious and valid concerns. I had a lot of questions, and still have some, but I can see the benefit to the order, and to the individual councils.

Vivat Jesus!

Richard Parcels / Online Membership Director


pdf Online Membership Handout (160 KB)
  pdf Online Membership Bulletin Announcement (52 KB)
  pdf Online Membership Pulpit Announcement (59 KB)

Question and Answers:

The question was asked at one of the state officers meetings as to what changes were going to be made to the form of the business meeting to accommodate any online members that may be in attendance. 

Men who join the Order online are permitted to attend local council business meetings, but may not vote unless they become members of that council. The Guidelines for Conducting a Council Meeting will be amended after the online membership pilot has concluded. In the interim, all states currently in the online membership pilot can waive the part of the Guidelines that reads “in the first section.”